Here Lie The Remains of The Express


In this section of my website are a small handful of collected articles from the old blog I used to run here.  For many years, I blogged.  It was time to stop.  In doing so, I also basically purged this site of nearly every entry I made between the years of 2010 and 2018.

But some things were good to keep.

The first few entries you will find, going backwards in time, are my Halloween-for-Christmas movie marathon blogs of 2014, in which I watched over a hundred monster flicks and kept a diary about it.  That was good clean nerdy fun.  Plus, it’s a bit of a glimpse into my personal worldviews as an artist, and a fairly good snapshot of my life at the time, so I felt there there was no harm in keeping it up, as a core sample of what used to be here.

Following that are the very few selected articles that I deemed similarly archival and fun, including another, not-quite-as-ambitious movie marathon from the previous year. Those are snapshots, too, and I can live with them being public, for now.

What you will NO LONGER find are the entries I felt were destructive to my soul.  I am officially retired from blogging in that way, though I do plan on trotting out an article or two in the coming years, and perhaps some more original fiction, in the vein of JULIA STARCHILD.

The EXPRESS section of my blog contains three consecutive blog arcs that tie in with articles posted at Dread Central. That is JULIA STARCHILD, REMEMBER THE KINGDOM and RETRO 13. Those are permanent attractions here and will not be removed. They are also snapshots, containing traces of the old school.  I have not deleted those because A.) they were part of a commitment I made to Dread at the time and should remain active and B.) they are also fine art and/or informative film commentary.

In other words, we need SOME content here and not all of it was bad.

So have fun.  I’ll be focusing most of my time on actual career stuff these days, such as making movies and comic books. Come see us at and hit our socials. There’s some fun there too.