Julia’s inspiration


This week’s Julia Starchild chapter has an interesting history.  I’ll be brief.

As with SHOCK FESTIVAL, the story of Julia was inspired by the images I created.  Meaning that this was a series of pretty pictures before it was anything else. In the case of Julia 3, this happens to be the verst FIRST poster I sat down and dreamed up, which was when the whole concept of this web exclusive multimedia feature was born in my tortured brain.  So, really, what you’re seeing here is, in essence, JULIA 1.  Confused yet?

Well, don’t worry.

As I’ve mentioned before, you’re in good company.

I’m confused all the time.

This all began last year with a portrait of Playboy’s August 1977 Playmate Julia Lyndon, who’s haunting, knowing beauty has always inspired me.  That’s one of the reasons I’m giving this series away for free.  As with RETRO 13, this is a form of FAN ART, with no copyright permissions implied or obtained.  I’m paying tribute to the things I love here.  The same goes for the written story of Julia Starchild.  It’s all inspired by awesome muses and, as such, should be free for everyone to see and (hopefully) take some sort of inspiration from.  Of course, the story itself is all mine, and one day I may see fit to reprint it elsewhere, sans the images.  But that will most likely be in a free edition also.  The story, like all my short fiction, is hard-hitting and unflinching in its examination of the human condition.  At one point I toyed with the idea of doing Julia’s story as straight space opera, but I never got comfortable with doing it that way. She wanted to be in the real world.  She wanted to be about something more important. I figure I COULD have done that with space opera. But the posters suggested something else. I wild history of an obsession that would last a lifetime. I hope you understand.

So, that said . . . yes, this week, you get a glimpse of the first glimmers of my inspiration for Julia’s wild story. CLICK HERE to jump over to DREAD CENTRAL and see it with your own eyes.  And meanwhile, remember: The brightest light in the coldest depths of the universe, is a little light of love.  Really.

And next week . . . it gets even brighter . . .