RETRO 13 blog flat 1This week, DREAD CENTRAL collects all 13 entries and our 14th “SUDDEN DEATH” entry of my awesome RETRO 13 series into one big glorious archive.  CLICK THE IMAGES ABOVE AND BELOW to jump there are check out the accumulated madness over fourteen weeks!    This has been a hell of a fun series and we’ve had a lot of great reactions to it from all over the world, including the following:

“Steve . . . I think this is great and I thank you for it.”


“I so appreciate how you inspire to bring back films that are all but forgotten and you do it in such a creative and entertaining way.”

–CHERIE CURRIE, former lead singer of The Runaways and star of WAVELENGTH

Neat, huh?

Also, I’ve created a new portfolio gallery at Deviantart, so you can scroll through all the posters in a super awesome anthology. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW to jump there!


And don’t forget about RETRO 13 PLUS, which contains some fun stuff, too:


Hot damn!

I think I’ve spoken enough about the RETRO 13 here at the Express, but if you’ve just now stumbled across it, well what are you waiting for?  Flip back a few months on The Express and start at the beginning, which was BLOOD BEACH, and bask in the gory glory!  Each Express entry collected here corresponds with the original Dread Central postings, where you’ll find loads of fun facts, critical essaying and exclusive ALL-NEW MOVIE POSTERS based on the wildest, weirdest and most beloved genre films in my own personal library!  I’ve had a blast (from the past) hauling out these babies and showing them off in a super-unique online gallery project, and hope to do more in the future!

On a final note . . . the RETRO 13 was partially  inspired by a similar project I did a couple of years ago, when I designed a series of posters honoring the awesome original box art of the Wizard Video VHS release of the 1980s!  It was a fun project also, and was a sort of “prequel” to this series.  Click the IMAGE BELOW to read all about it and see all the fun stuff I helped to create!

oasis 5

Be sure to keep it here for more fun stuff, as I begin a new series of images and stories in honor of my upcoming thriller novel METRO.  WE always try to have fun here at The Express, and you’ll not want to miss . . .


Be afraid.

Be VERY afraid . . .