The Summer of Resurrection

My first novel from Simon and Schuster was a leap of faith into wild waters. Today, I look back with a chill and remember the summer I put the throttle down hard…

DEADLY INFLUENCER now on Lifetime Movie Network

Stephen’s “progressive cautionary tale” about the dangers of social media is now airing, and guess what else? You can stream this baby, AND his other awesome Lifetime flicks at Amazon too!

WEB CAM GIRLS on Lifetime Dec 30!

On the day before New Year’s Eve, all hell breaks loose in Stephen Romano’s new cautionary tale about bad little girls and the hideous slasher who loves them!


My little publishing company has been going hard for a year! Here’s a collection of STUFF AND THINGS, all about the cool comics we’ve been doing!

Julia Starchild 2

The Epic Saga of Science-Fiction’s most awesome B-movie babe continues!


My wild new multimedia project makes its grand debut right here and over at at Dread Central, too!


Was there ever really a sequel to LASERBLAST? Are you ready for some FOOTBALL? Find out the answers to these and many other questions THIS WEEK, only at Dread Central!


What’s more fun than a hundred gallons of slime? TEN THOUSAND GALLONS OF SLIME. FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION. This week, only a Dread Central!

RETRO 13: MS.45

The ULTIMATE woman-gets-revenge film gets immortalized by little old me, in this week’s edition of my wild online gallery project!


So much for the cat and mouse shit. ONLY AT DREAD CENTRAL, folks, my all-new HELLRAISER poster tribute!

Elroy Coffin hits the big time . . . as a PAPERBACK!

It has a scene in it where a guy runs straight at a car doing 90 and jumps over it. It has a bit where an entire hotel lobby is reduced to rubble in mere seconds from the oily sweat-soaked barrels of heavy caliber automatic weapons. It’s also got a love story that’s pretty cool. And the bad guy’s name is David Hartman. So BUY YOUR COPY NOW!

The Raves Roll In For Resurrection Express!

My debut thriller from Gallery Books at Simon and Schuster is getting heavy advance praise from some real heavy hitters. To say that I am shocked and amazed would be a galactic understatement. I’m a little speechless, actually. So I’ll just the boys speak for me:

Best-Selling Author Blake Crouch loves Resurrection Express

“A high-voltage blast! Stephen Romano’s action scenes are light years ahead of the pack, fueled by muscular prose, terrifying villains, and Elroy Coffin—a protagonist for the ages. RESURRECTION EXPRESS is one of the finest examples I’ve encountered of noir’s evolution into the 21st century.”

—Blake Crouch, acclaimed author of Run, Snowbound, and Abandon

First Review for Resurrection Express, from the director of Phantasm!

“RESURRECTION EXPRESS is a rip snortin’ white knuckle ride….A page-turner that sinks its teeth into you and won’t let go. Stephen Romano has created a meal you will want to swallow whole—it’s that hard to put down. His damaged protagonist, Elroy Coffin, is a compelling computer freak with criminal skills who you can’t help but root for. A savage and vicious little tale that fans of Don Winslow will lap up. Highly recommended!”

–Don Coscarelli, award-winning director of cult classics PHANTASM, BUBBA HO TEP, and THE BEASTMASTER

Stephen Romano’s RESURRECTION EXPRESS explodes in 2012 from Simon and Schuster!

Gallery Books at Simon and Schuster have announced that my new high octane thriller novel RESURRECTION EXPRESS will bow in mid-September of 2012 in hardback. I’m really thrilled to be at Gallery Books because they do Stephen King now, and the imprint has a great pedigree. They were Pocket Books before they became Gallery, and they’ve got a lot of my heroes, like Don Winslow and James O’ Barr. Simon and Schuster was a great place to go after getting my feet wet at Little Brown, where I did BLACK LIGHT. But that book was a collaboration, and supernatural horror action stuff. This new one is a little more serious, a little less comic book. It has the same awesome narrative drive, but I’ve taken it to whole new level—and, of course, this one is all mine.

BLACK LIGHT kicks in on OCTOBER 5th, in Collaboration with the Writers of the SAW FILMS!

I’ve just finished my commitment to BLACK LIGHT, a suspense-action novel written in collaboration with PATRICK MELTON and MARCUS DUNSTAN, the scribes responsible for the last four films in the SAW series. Begun in November of 2010, the BLACK LIGHT project was completed in record time, which meant no rest for the wicked on a brutal schedule . . . but the results are wild and epic, coming to a bookstore near you on OCTOBER 5th 2011, just in time for the Halloween season!


After thirty years, ROGER CORMAN’S CULT CLASSICS series presents the definitive video release of Luigi’s Cozzi’s notorious Italian STAR WARS/BARBARELLA mash-up, the one-and-only holy grail of “high class” exploitation films, STARCRASH! I am the co-producer of this lavish TWO DISC SPECIAL EDITION, featuring an all new high definition digital transfer of the film from the vaulted negative and a Dolby 5.1 soundtrack to rock your home speakers, re-mastered from the film’s original 4-track Dolby Stereo sound masters. I am a “known authority” of sorts on STARCRASH, having written the definitive “making of” book about the film (which was ultimately never published due to legal problems), and I brought some of that of knowledge and rare memorabilia to this special edition DVD set.