Star Crash (DVD)

While running from the authorities, a pair of smugglers (Marjoe Gortner, Caroline Munro) are recruited by The Emperor (Christopher Plummer) to rescue his missing son (David Hasselhoff) while they track …

Shock Festival [Hardcover Book] & DVD

An illustrated history of 101 of the strangest, sleaziest, most outrageous movies you’ve never seen! An elaborate work of illustrated fiction, SHOCK FESTIVAL is a raunchy, hilarious tall tale of …

Incident On And Off A Mountain Road

Chased through the night woods by the maniacal Moonface (John De Santis), Ellen (Bree Turner) defends herself by rigging a series of booby traps she learned from her cruel survivalist husband (Ethan Embry). But her tricks may not be enough to stave off the creepy predator.

The Riot Act

From the common depths of human loneliness, to the delirious heights of love that transcends death . . . get ready for a disturbing and exhilarating ride along a maniac’s razor of madness and horror, where the ultimate evil is a dark mirror reflection of humanity, and the most unlikely redemption may find us all in the darkest hour.