Check out Stephen’s newest Lifetime thriller on Amazon Prime!

Hey, kids!

My new one is now available at Amazon Prime to stream in High Definition, and you can OWN your very own copy forever for just four bucks and some change!  Can’t beat that with a freakin’ stick!  CLICK HERE or on the swell one sheet poster image below to get in on this.  Ain’t that poster SWEET?  It’s the best one yet made for one of my movies.  And what’s this one all about?  Well, It’s your basic Family-Friendly Winter Wonderland Love Story Psycho Slasher Killer Granny Kidnap Thriller, which asks the classic question: What happens when a nice old lady carves up her social worker and buries her in the back yard in the middle of winter?  The answer is good clean fun that even your mom will like, from the fine folks at Lifetime Networks.

Don’t you DARE miss it!