21st Century Grindhouse: FLESH FOR THE INFERNO!



Few directors currently working in today’s video-driven low budget horror movie industry walk it or talk it like Richard Griffin.  Here’s a guy who truly reminds me of the old grindhouse auteurs of the 1970s and 1980s, in that he makes films loaded with lurid sex, gore and other batshit crazy stuff, working with a regular roster of actors, writers and film technicians.  And, moreover, he keeps on making these fucking movies and pumps them into the market wholesale, no matter what.  Richard’s work falls squarely in the low budget arena to be sure, but that’s all part of the deal.  Remember old Andy Milligan from the glory days of 42nd Street?  That guy rarely spent more than a few thousand bucks on a film he directed.  Guys like Richard carry the flame (LITERALLY) into the future, and I support them however I can.

Usually that means whipping up a cool poster now and then.  The latest is, of course, FLESH FOR THE INFERNO, pictured above.  This was a fun one to do, and might be my best work for these guys.  Here’s a look at the film’s trailer:

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I’ll be trotting out a new retrospective blog series in the coming year called 21st Century Grindhouse, all about the new masters of zero budget horror sleaze, many of whom I have worked with over the years. Richard will be one of the directors profiled.

Be VERY afraid . . .


My favorite Griffin gal, Sarah Nickin, posing in front of someone’s shitty artwork . . .