American Hippie in Israel! Soon on BLU RAY with art by Romano!


Here’s a look at the cover of the HIPPIE blu-ray from Grindhouse Releasing, which contains most of my original one sheet art, which I was commissioned to do several years back.  This is an absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY film in an absolutely BATSHIT CRAZY SPECIAL EDITION BLU RAY, limited to just 2,000 copies and crammed with so many extras, you’ll start to question reality.


Here’s the super-retro original piece, as it appears in the fold out booklet.  One of my very best “vintage style” one-sheet posters.


Some trivia:  I was never asked to revise the main body of the art once it was delivered, besides adding a few extra things that Bob Murawski wanted in there, which were:  The goat at top left, the shark fin in the water, and the dudes in the cadillac zooming on the shore.   I invented all the AD SLUGLINES in the gatefold version, one of which was used on the Blu-ray cover.  I also designed all the copy and type, to make it look EXACTLY like a 1970s movie poster.  It would look even more like one if we did THIS: