AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL: An exploitation classic gets the Romano treatment!

Fresh off the success of my collaboration with Grindhouse Releasing on their promo campaign for GONE WITH THE POPE, I am now proud to unveil our latest creation: the ambitious one-sheet poster for the new release of the obscure 1970s exploitation classic AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL.

I’ve been working with Grindhouse on and off for well over ten years now, and they are amazing.  That company basically amounts to Bob Murawski and Sage Stallone (yeah, THAT Sage Stallone) sitting in a room together and hatching crazy schemes to take over the world. They’re both pretty major players in Hollywood, but they’re completely insane.

They spend all their money on releasing sleaze classics and old obscure horror films and stuff. The first thing I did for them was the CANNIBAL FEROX soundtrack . . . and, ten years later, I’m doing their posters. I had to teach myself how to do this stuff for SHOCK FESTIVAL, and now it’s kind of paying off. HIPPIE is just a nutty movie. It starts off with all this flower power stuff, with a truckload of sandal-wearing longhairs trying to organize a commune, but most of them get gunned down by these weird pasty faced mime guys, who may or may not be angels of death . . . and, by the end, the whole thing descends into a bizarre LORD OF THE FLIES style nightmare. I wanted to cram as much of that craziness into the poster as I could. It’s a really busy affair, with way too much going on, even more ambitious than GONE WITH THE POPE, which everyone really liked. Bob was blown away by HIPPIE—and he wanted even MORE in there! I also went out of my way to make this one as eerily authentic as possible. I have a complete historical understanding of how these vintage things are supposed to look.

I live it and breathe it. I always insist on designing everything, down to the last line of text. I even wrote all the ad copy myself—I do that a lot for Synapse Films, too. I wanted real hippies from the 70s to look at our poster and wonder if they were in a time warp! It looks exactly like something you’d see in a theatre lobby or a drive-in snack bar back then. What I like about all this is that Grindhouse is releasing these flicks in honest-to-god movie theatres, which means my posters are in the lobbies, and they’re honest-to-god exploitation films from the 1970s, man! That’s a kick unlike any other job I’ve done since I started working professionally as a poster designer. I get to be involved with the history of these amazing flicks in a really bizarre post-modern timewarp kinda way!