Best-Selling Author Blake Crouch loves Resurrection Express

“A high-voltage blast! Stephen Romano’s action scenes are light years ahead of the pack, fueled by muscular prose, terrifying villains, and Elroy Coffin—a protagonist for the ages. RESURRECTION EXPRESS is one of the finest examples I’ve encountered of noir’s evolution into the 21st century.” 

—Blake Crouch, acclaimed author of Run, Snowbound, and Abandon

I have to admit the truth:  I’d never heard of this fellow before last week, when he submitted the above kind blurbage for my new novel.  This, in spite of the fact that he’s a pretty major talent and even repped by my agent.  Shows you how much I get out and meet people . . . or pay attention to other writers for that matter.  Yeah, I’m a jerk, whatever.

It turns out Blake is not only a nice guy, but a really great writer.  Just started his book RUN, which is batshit crazy, and indie-published, too.  So far, I highly recommend this man’s work. Plus, apparently, one of his books sold over a half million copies electronically at Amazon, which makes him technically a best-seller.  Check him out here and BUY HIS NEW BOOK: