DEAD KIDS! Glass Doll Films resurrects Romano’s “lost” art!


dead kids blu ray

Beautiful, huh?

Some of you may recognize that art as Number 4 of last year’s awesome RETRO 13 poster series, which I gave away for free on the internet. Most of the pieces were special hobby projects I’d been working on for a while, while others were done expressly for the series.  Two of the RETRO 13 were actually pieces that had been rejected by a former client.  (For the FULL STORY on all that, please CLICK HERE.)  This sort of thing sometimes happens.  You do your best and produce good work and some jerk says it’s crap.  HOWEVER, I remained convinced that the art was pretty good and trotted it out myself. The moral: NEVER THROW ANYTHING AWAY.

This frustrating runaround happened also on the THIRST poster, and you can read about all that HERE.


The final irony?  Just recently the STRANGE BEHAVIOR piece was re-licensed by an Australian video outfit called Glass Doll films, who agreed that the work was pretty awesome.  It will be released down under in just a few days, on MARCH 3, with my lovely art plastered all over the front!  Even cooler, Glass Doll has a new and awesome release coming up and they’ll be using another RETRO 13 piece for that one too.  (That release will also feature a few new surprises cooked up by Yours Truly. Be afraid. VERY AFRAID. MOO-HOO-HAH-HAH!)  Keep it here for an official announcement soon!

As you might have noticed, the overseas title of STRANGE BEHAVIOR is DEAD KIDS, and so I used the original logo cerated for its first aborted version.  On the record, I think DEAD KIDS is a far less appropriate moniker.  But that’s just me.

So yeah, I feel pretty vindicated.  Take that, irony!

AND . . . check out the new Japanese release of STARCRASH, which includes my award-nominated commentary tracks!