Director William Friedkin shouts out to the RETRO 13!


Retro 13 has come to an end, but we went out with a hella bang.  My final poster for the legendary film SORCERER received this awesome tweet from its even more legendary director:


It’s things like this that made it all worth doing.

We also received nice shout-outs from Barbara Crampton (FROM BEYOND), The Swan Archives (PHANTOM OF THE PARADISE), Broke Horror Fan (THE QUEEN OF EVIL, HELLRAISER and NEON MANIACS) and Cherie Currie (WAVELENGTH), who was actually kind enough to write me a fairly lengthy email expressing her gratitude for my tribute to her second-finest film. (The first is FOXES, of course.)

Stick around for more Retro 13 fun and updates in the coming days, plus all new STUFF!

Thanks for watching!