A Hundred Movies at Halloween-for-Christmas!


godzilla final

In December of 2014, I retired my poison pen from the “nerdcore” school of blogging with a final, epic journey through the art of cinematic darkness.  Translated into English, what this means is that I don’t do the geeky movie review thing here anymore.  But what a finale, folks!  I viewed more than one hundred films in October and reported back my mind-melting adventure in graphic detail, in honor of the Christmas holidays. (We had evvvveeerrrryone at the party.  Godzilla, too.  Especially Godzilla.)  I’ve been getting some emails from people about this mega-blog (which ran over three installments and is actually longer than the longest novella I ever wrote), wondering where it “disappeared” to.  I suppose that’s because I recently reorganized my blog stuff, shuffling all the old entries into a new category called OLD SCHOOL BLOG.  If this is not confusing enough, a have an all-new blog now, called simply THE EXPRESS, where everything cool and weird and up-to-the-minute happens these days.


one last time

See those above-images of Elvira and Godzilla?  CLICK THOSE IMAGES and it’ll take you right to the first chapter of HALLOWEEN FOR CHRISTMAS.  From there, you can ink to the other chapters also.  Modern technology!  It’s fun!

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Rock on!

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