Lost Trancers sequel, with new art by Stephen Romano!


One of the coolest sci-fi movies of years gone by was a modest little number called TRANCERS, produced and directed in 1985 by B-movie mogul Charles Band.  In the 90s, four sequels were made, based on the character of Jack Deth.  A sixth followed, not featuring Jack.  If that’s not confusing enough for you, get this . . . all five sequels were pre-dated by a short film that actually picked up right where the first one left off.  It was originally to be part of an anthology film made in 1988, but the negative was lost and the film banished to limbo.  Well, a work print of TRANCERS 1.5 has emerged, and Charles Band is cleaning it up as best he can, so that faithful fans can see the alternate timeline of what REALLY happened to old Jack, back in the eighties!  This is the “true” sequel to TRANCERS, written by the original creators and not actually associated with any of the other follow-ups, continuity-wise.  Those sequels were all made later, under the assumption that this version was lost forever, and none of them were written by Billson and De Meyo.

Okay . . . everybody got that?

Cool thing is, I got to do the poster.  The image is cool and all, but I am most proud of the new sub-title CITY OF LOST ANGELS, which was my suggestion.  This is my official contribution to the legacy of Jack Deth.  It’s also my first official “FULL MOON” poster.  My previous work for Charlie has been mostly at GrindhouseFlix and Wizard Video.  Hope you like it!