“KINGS OF CULT” starring Roger Corman and Charles Band gets awesome new poster by Romano!


Someone said, “how would you like to do a portrait of Roger Corman and Charles Band? Oh, and add in a bunch of stuff from their movies, too. Oh, and we need it YESTERDAY.”


Wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is the second new poster piece I’ve done since RETRO 13.  (If you click on the image, you can make it larger, then drag the sucker to your desktop; you will then have a nice high res 11×17 poster you can send to all your friends!  SHARE IT!  SPREAD THE LOVE!)  I’m back at Camp Band, slinging the weirdness. And someone just hired me to do a super-secret new poster project all about ninjas in the 1980s! I’ll get on that just as soon as I’m done with another one for Charlie, all about naked girls. Some days I think I’m living the right kind of life, man . . .

In case anybody is wondering, each poster I make is entirely mine, from the first rough sketch to the final line of type.  All logos and slugs and even the little copyright notices are things I create.  In this case, I started with a nifty sheaf of photographs taken during the KINGS OF CULT shoot, of Charlie and Roger.  I picked the two photos that I liked best, stuck ’em together and used them as reference to paint the main portrait:

Charlie and Roger

When doing a portrait of any kind, you always have to decide what elements of the face you want to bring out, which lines you want to keep and which to discard.  In this case, since we are dealing with living legends, I felt it was crucial to define their personalities through the art, in a bit of timelessness that brings forward a sense of these two characters as heroes.  It is a difficult balance to strike between artistic allegiances.  Tricky work.

Once that was nailed, the final composition was built around the central portrait, with each additional element hand-drawn from reference found on the internet, all scenes and characters from Roger and Charlie’s movies.  This included the muscle car at lower right, which originally appeared on the poster for EAT MY DUST.  I couldn’t find a more dynamic shot of that particular car, and since it was so photo-realistic anyway, I used that as my reference, though it was entirely re-painted in my own style.  (Sharp exploitation nerds will notice I changed the design slightly and added glowing headlights.)  This was a fun one, and a real trip down memory lane.  Okay . . . now back to work on naked girls . . .

I’m so miserable.