Red Band trailer for John Dies At The End features art from Stephen Romano’s SHOCK FESTIVAL!


My ten year-plus collaboration with the legendary genre helmer DON COSCARELLI continues in his new film JOHN DIES AT THE END, but in a way you may not expect.  In fact, if you blink, you might miss it.  See all those awesome B-Movie posters hanging up on the walls of David’s apartment?  Those are all from my critically-acclaimed illustrated novel SHOCK FESTIVAL, which is an expose of over a hundred grindhouse films that never existed.  I created most of the art for the book, including two posters which are featured in BOTH official trailers for JOHN DIES.  Click on the link below to check out the super-excellent R-RATED trailer:

The poster for RUNNER, featuring Thomas Jane of The Punisher, can be seen at 1:30, when the zombie comes crashing through the door and hisses “Thatsss the axxxe that slaaayed meeee.”  (Is he right?)  And my poster for THE CAT CAME BACK starring Ashley Laurence of Hellraiser can be seen at 1:27, when Dave kinda just goes “umm” at al the weird goings-on.

SHOCK FESTIVAL is one of my major labor-of-love projects, and JOHN DIES is one of Don’s for sure.  Both my book and Don’s film took more than two years to complete, and everyone said we were crazy for doing them (as a matter of fact I think we both told each other we were crazy for doing them) . . . but, heh . . . we’re all crazy . . . back here in there dark . . .

Anyway, check out the film.  It’s really, really good.