Resurrection Express is here! And another rave from Booklist!


My editor at Gallery books/Simon and Schuster just sent me this photograph of my new book, hot off the press just today. Visit the Simon and Schuster site to pre-order your copy today!

And we got a really nice starred review from BOOKLIST, too.  This one means a whole lot to me, because one of my key inspirations as a writer is Andrew Vachss, and I’ve been compared to him here.  Andrew is a real crusader and a visionary I believe in.  I can only hope to be in his class one day.  (Never read Charlie Huston before, but I picked up his first one, CAUGHT STEALING, and it’s just my thing, obviously!)  Here is the review in it’s entirety.  Hot damn!

Elroy Coffin’s life as a superhacker masterminding high-tech robberies implodes when he learns his wife and father have been murdered by psychopathic crime boss David Hartman. Elroy’s failed bid at revenge nets only a head wound and a lengthy prison stretch. When a “concerned citizen” offers prison release, a reunion with the father he thought was dead, and evidence that his wife is alive as Hartman’s hostage, Coffin can’t refuse. All he has to do is hack into Hartman’s reputably impenetrable vault—after all, the enemy of an enemy is a friend, right? Luckily, our man is not so trusting, and when the job evolves into all-out war, he’s crafted a series of escape mechanisms that offer a fighting chance. Resurrection Express has the pacing, technical detail, and unshakable suspense to excite thriller fans, and even readers who typically retreat from the high-tech context will appreciate Coffin’s slightly disoriented man-with-a-plan character. Romano relies on sharp instincts and scary-smart strategy over chance to give his hero nine lives, and he layers in plenty of depth beyond expertly drawn tech-thriller aspects. The center of this story is a man obsessed with reclaiming his life, even as he doubts that anything good stays that way. A must-read for followers of Andrew Vachss and Charlie Huston.

— Christine Tran, BOOKLIST (Starred review)