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For a limited time, Simon and Schuster has lowered the E-Book price of my critically acclaimed new thriller novel RESURRECTION EXPRESS to just one penny below five bucks!  That means there is now officially NO EXCUSE AT ALL not to buy it!  You spend more on lunch, man—and guess what?  RESURRECTION EXPRESS will last the rest of your life!  So get on over to your favorite online purveyor of E-merchandise, click the BUY NOW button and treat yourself to a fun romp in the breathless battlefields of America’s newest action hero ELROY COFFIN.  I promise it will be worth every penny of that five spot you plunk down.  CLICK THE COVER BELOW to bag it direct from the publisher.



I repeat, this deal is a STEAL, but it won’t be for long, so do it, dudes!  Meanwhile, I am also happy to report that this thing has received rave reviews from nearly every person on earth who’s read it.  (Out of fifty reviews or so, I think maybe two people didn’t like it.)  The Amazon talkbacks have been particularly kind:



“Resurrection Express has the pacing, technical detail, and unshakable suspense to excite thriller fans, and even readers who typically retreat from the high-tech context will appreciate (Elroy) Coffin’s slightly disoriented man-with-a-plan character. Romano relies on sharp instincts and scary-smart strategy over chance to give his hero nine lives, and he layers in plenty of depth beyond expertly drawn tech-thriller aspects. The center of this story is a man obsessed with reclaiming his life, even as he doubts that anything good stays that way. A must read for followers of Andrew Vachss and Charlie Huston.”

Christine Tran, Booklist (starred review)


 “The pace never slackens in screenwriter Romano’s superior debut thriller . . . Extreme violence follows (protagonist Elroy) Coffin like a shadow . . . but the gunplay and torture always advance the complex, multilayered story line. Few will anticipate the plot twists or the extremely satisfying resolution. Romano doesn’t pull his punches, killing off characters the reader cares about, but again, the deaths serve a larger purpose and aren’t presented merely for shock value.”

–Publisher’s Weekly (Starred Review)


“Resurrection Express moves like a bullet train on a twisting track. Coffin tells the story with great intensity, but he’s an unreliable narrator and he knows it. This makes his entire life a guessing game. Just when Coffin thinks he knows what’s going on, the rug gets pulled out from under him—repeatedly. The result is a slick, satisfying thriller, in which the reader is constantly wondering, who is on whose side.”

–Debbi Mack, Mystery Scene Magazine


“Romano plunges into a frenetic plot that doesn’t slow down until the very last word, (investing) in sturdy characters who can make the non-stop action plausible. Romano infuses blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action, careening from one unpredictable plot twist to the next. But Romano also delivers a complex story that does not stoop to gratuitous violence. Extreme suspense and a cinematic approach make “Resurrection Express” a solid thriller.”

–OLINE H. COGDILL, Chicago Sun Sentinel


“Compelling, devastating and brutal, with battle-hardened prose and relentless energy, Stephen Romano has crafted one hell of a first novel. A juiced-up, whacked-out, back-to-the-wall book that reads like a ride through the Knife and Gun Club on the night of a full moon, riding the Resurrection Express will leave you dizzy from betrayal, speechless from reversals, and quite possibly battered and broken by its revelations.”

 —Greg Rucka, New York Times bestselling author of ALPHA and creator of the Eisner Award-winning Queen & Country series


“A high-voltage blast!  Romano’s action scenes are light years ahead of the pack, fueled by muscular prose, terrifying villains, and Elroy Coffin—a protagonist for the ages. RESURRECTION EXPRESS is one of the finest examples I’ve encountered of noir’s evolution into the 21st Century.”

–Blake Crouch, Amazon best-selling author of Run and Abandon


“RESURRECTION EXPRESS is a rip snortin’ white knuckle ride. It’s a page-turner that sinks its teeth into you and won’t let go. Stephen Romano has created a meal you will want to swallow whole, it’s that hard to put down. His damaged protagonist, Elroy Coffin is a compelling computer freak with criminal skills who you can’t help but root for. Resurrection Express is a savage and vicious little tale that fans of Don Winslow will lap up. Highly recommended!!”

–Don Coscarelli, director of Phantasm, The Beastmaster and Bubba-Ho-Tep


“RESURRECTION EXPRESS whipsaws along at 100mph, with so much momentum that the reader feels if he hits one bump, he’ll go straight through the windshield.”

–Tom Piccirilli, author of the International Thriller Writers’ Award-winning novel The Cold Spot


“Cinematic, hyperkinetic, action-packed!”

–Jeff Abbott, New York Times bestselling author of THE LAST MINUTE


“Stephen Romano’s imagination is so scary-brilliant, you should be required to obtain a controlled dangerous substance license before opening RESURRECTION EXPRESS.”

–Duane Swierczynski, New York Times bestselling author of Birds of Prey and  Fun and Games.


“Stephen Romano’s taut prose is as unrelentingly violent and brutal as the story he tells. Resurrection Express is a killer debut that demands attention. A scorching read.”

–Brian Azzarello, New York Times bestselling author of Joker and creator of the Eisner Award-winning 100 Bullets series


“Stephen Romano steps into the ring with lead in his gloves and a razor in his boot. When you read Resurrection Express you can’t help but take your eyes off him as the pages fly by—and then he’s got you.”

–Sean Doolittle, Barry Award-winning author of Safer and Lake Country.


“If I don’t get any writing done this week, it’s all Stephen Romano’s fault.  RESURRECTION EXPRESS is a great read!”

 —Johnny Shaw, acclaimed author of Dove Season:  A Jimmy Veeder Fiasco


There are some names that all horror, gothic, crime, fantasy and sci-fi genre fans should know. But there is a new name that should very shortly be added to that list. Stephen Romano’s novel, Resurrection Express is brain-meltingly awesome.   My only problem was not being able to get to the next page fast enough.”



“Fast paced, filled with no apology violence, this is a great action thriller  . . . spellbound readers will appreciate this gory tale, as violence is the American way to resolve rivalries.”

–The Mystery Gazette


“Stephen Romano makes an explosive debut with RESURRECTION EXPRESS. Strap yourself in for a high-tech adventure in this innovative, cutting-edge thriller with enough diabolical angles and conspiracy theories to please any enthusiast of the genre. A great read!”



“Wow, this book is chalk (sic) full of adventure. If you like crime novels with a lot of action, this is exactly what you’re looking for. Elroy has a fascinating mind as a code-breaker, and it was really fun to get into his brain . . . I would definitely recommend this book if you like movies or books like Ocean’s Eleven or The Italian Job. I think this book would make a great movie, we’ll have to keep our eyes open for any film option news!”



“(Resurrection Express is) written in the key of excess.”

–Kirkus Reviews


(Full disclosure: Kirkus was one of the two people that didn’t like the book at all, but I just love that pull quote!)


“(A) complex multifaceted novel starring hard-ass people battling for lead dog position. (It) will be shortlisted as one of the top thrillers of the year.”



“The action is fun and fast paced in this thriller romp. Occasional gory scenes are well contrasted with Elroy’s internal dialog about his love for and need to rescue his wife at all costs. Most thriller readers will enjoy, especially the late plot twists.”

–Library Journal


“Horror scribe Stephen Romano makes his crime fiction debut in the sci-fi tinged thriller Resurrection Express. Romano makes the transition with aplomb – and how. The author’s ability to write horrific violence and monstrous evil are on display, and the suspense rarely flags. But Resurrection Express is not merely horror transposed; it is also a compelling mystery that marks an auspicious crime fiction debut.”

–Crime Fiction


“Looking for a true suspense novel?  Resurrection Express will deliver a heart-pounding, action-packed story.  The reader will open the first page to a fight scene and a graphic one at that.  Elroy, the main character, will both shock and fascinate the reader.  He holds nothing back and fully allows the reader into his mind.  He acts as the reader’s guide through an almost surreal plot. Overall, Resurrection Express kept me up till the late hours of the night.  This book was impossible to put down; the scenes seemed to fly by and the plot constantly changed.  The reader will not want to miss one minute.  Elroy’s character is not particularly likable, yet this does not detract from the story at all.  Instead, he fits the setting and plot perfectly.  The other characters are not any more redeemable than Elroy; many of them seem purely evil, perfect for a suspense novel.  Stephen Romano has a way of writing that can give the reader the chills.  This book is recommended to adult readers.”



“From noir to apocalyptic at the speed of sound!  This book is relentless. It has the feel of a grind house auteur working with a two-hundred million dollar budget. Nothing is too big, whether it’s shoot-outs, revelations, or ideas. Near the end of the book, Elroy finds himself on a helicopter gunship during a full scale assault on a mountain compound . . . you feel pummeled by the end of the novel. That said, RESURRECTION EXPRESS questions ideas of love and hope.  Just don’t expect any happy answers.”



“Resurrection Express is hands down our favorite local read of the year.”

–The Austin Chronicle


“(Resurrection Express has) shootouts that reduce luxury hotels to near rubble and are littered with bodies like a scene out of The Matrix and more twists and turns than a certain famous street in San Francisco . . . buckle up for one hell of a ride.”

–The Mystery Bookshelf


“Resurrection Express is a masterpiece  . . . filled with adventure and page-turning anticipation from beginning to end. Romano relentlessly careens through pages of action, conspiracy, and outright shock and awe.  As I read the final page, I couldn’t wait to get back in line quickly in anticipation of Romano’s next blockbuster. Fantastic read and I look forward to reading his next book. Resurrection Express is the real deal. There’s no lag time or predictability. It leaves you wanting more from the very first word to the very last.”

–Feathered Quill Book reviews


“There is no doubt that RESURRECTION EXPRESS is an outstanding novel of suspense and action; One of my absolute favorite things was the character of Elroy. I found him to be extremely likable (despite his career choice and ethics!); and I enjoyed how complex and even damaged his character was.  It’s a fast-paced (well, really a super fast-paced) thriller that is guaranteed to pack a powerful punch and mess with your mind!”



“Funny I thought I knew how to spell intense and turns out it is spelled ROMANO . . . this book brings a level of intensity that I expect from Vince Flynn or Daniel Silva, I just didn’t know Romano was this good.  It is very graphic but also captivating.  The story is complex . . . some thought provoking questions arise from the plot.  There are also some not so subtle political digs.   If you are looking for a rush from reading, grab this book, it will grab you and shake out your complacency.”

–Pick of the


“Resurrection Express is a gritty, innovative thriller that will undoubtedly keep you in your seat.  It’s a fast-paced page turner and you won’t want to put it down.  If this is Romano’s debut novel, I can’t wait to see what he has in store in the future.”



“The action is fast, furious and unrelenting . . . if you enjoy an explosive suspenseful thriller with science fictional elements and surprises around every corner, you cannot go wrong with Resurrection Express!”



A distinct category of thrillers is emerging from a cadre of writers who also work in comics and/or film. Don Winslow was one of the first; I’ve also recently reviewed Rucka, Piccirilli, Swierczynski, Charlie Huston. Romano is unmistakably one of them, sharing their commitment to relentless pace, honest emotion and an insouciance about violence that amounts to a shared awareness of the writer and reader as in on a sort of joke. If you’ve liked any of the above, you’ll certainly like this high-energy first novel as much as I did.”

–Ellenville Shawangunk Journal (NY)


“In Resurrection Express, Romano’s love for action, violence, tension, and gore are fully on display and the narrative moves forward at breakneck speed. Combined with a main character  who’s interesting and as surprised as the reader as the action unfolds, the novel is a must-read for those who like their thrillers full of adrenaline and unexpected twists.  Resurrection Express combines non-stop action and bloodshed with a unique love story and high-tech discourse. However, its best characteristic is the over-the-top sequences, fights, shootouts, and antagonists. Those elements give the story a truly cinematic feel . . . Romano’s first solo effort is intense and well constructed. More importantly, it’s good enough to make readers want more from him in the same vein. If you’re looking for an entertaining, complex thriller that might just include the end of the world, turn off the TV and dig into Resurrection Express.”

–Horror talk. com


This is just a sample, folks.  It’s been crazy!  There will also be a gushing rave in the upcoming issue of CRIMESPREE magazine.  And other things are cooking . . .

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