flaming gitar

This week, ONLY AT DREAD CENTRAL . . . see my exclusive poster for the legendary (and quite obscure) New Haven-based sci-fi low-budgeter.  CLICK THE LINK ABOVE to jump there and see the whole bloody thing.  Weird rock and roll rebels, sadistic thugs, flaming guitars and BOWLING.  How can you go wrong?  Um.  Well, maybe there aren’t any actual flaming guitars.  But it just looked so damn cool, so I hadda put it on the poster, man!  (“Sell the sizzle, not the steak,” said the man.)  Anyway, for a cool GUEST BLOG on exactly WHY I created this week’s poster, click the link below, featuring Joe’s smiling mug.

remembering death collector by joe fay

NEXT WEEK . . . my favorite Girl-With-Glasses get slimed.  BE THERE!

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