RETRO 13 presents Oliver Stone’s THE QUEEN OF EVIL

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It’s only at Dread Central, kids!  CLICK THE LOGO ABOVE to jump to this week’s RETRO 13 and see my all new poster tribute to Oliver Stone’s first film, THE QUEEN OF EVIL.

That logo belongs to the late great genre distribution outfit of the late 60s and 70s, CINERAMA RELEASING, who brought out such classics as WILLARD and  STRAW DOGS.  By 1973 they’d pacted with American International to distribute horror films, and decided to package THE QUEEN OF EVIL with THE BEAST MUST DIE.  Giving Ollie’s maiden voyage the silly new title SEIZURE (which actually gives away the ending of the movie), the double feature went out with little fanfare in ’74 and was the death knell for the company, becoming one of the last horror packages they ever put out before going under the very next year.   So is Oliver Stone responsible for destroying Cinerama releasing?

Weeeelllll . . .. maaaaaybe  . . .

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