Romano’s RESURRECTION EXPRESS to be filmed by legendary producers of PLATOON, VIDEODROME and the RUSH HOUR series.




All legendary films.  All legendary filmmakers.  I am tickled as hell to announce that PIERRE DAVID, the man who brought you all of David Cronenberg’s early masterpieces, such as THE BROOD, VIDEODROME and SCANNERS, has teamed up with ARTHUR M. SARKISSIAN, the man behind the billion dollar RUSH HOUR series, to bring my action-packed novel RESURRECTION EXPRESS to the big screen!   These are major players, folks.  The adventures of Elroy Coffin are in good hands with them.  The deal has just been signed, and no director has yet been selected, but you can be sure something big is planned.

Pierre contacted me personally  via the Express in October of last year, saying he thought RESURRECTION EXPRESS was a “real roller-coaster ride.” (It is.)  And he vowed to “film this thing and film it right.” (He will.)  I immediately wanted to work with this man, as he not only brought out three of Cronenberg’s classics, but also Oliver Stone’s PLATOON and two of my all-time favorite horror films from the 1980s.  The first is VISITING HOURS, in which Lee Remick squares off with The Biggest Guy With A Knife You’ve Ever Seen, played by Michael Ironside.  (Who else?)


And then there’s OF UNKNOWN ORIGIN, directed by George Pan Cosmatos (RAMBO and COBRA), in which neat-freak Peter Weller tools up and trashes his newly-remodled home in combat with The Biggest Rat You’ve Ever Seen!


Pierre David’s partner Arthur M. Sarkissian is an A-list hitmaker, who produced all three RUSH HOUR films, as well as Walter Hill’s LAST MAN STANDING, Sandra Bullock’s WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING, the camp horror classic CHOPPER CHICKS IN ZOMBIETOWN and the short-lived-but-awesome 2012 TV series VEGAS, with Denis Quaid and Michael Chiklis.


These guys are both old school and cutting edge, baby.  Let’s see what they do with Elroy Coffin!