Romano’s winter thriller NEXT DOOR NIGHTMARE now available on Amazon Prime!

Hey, kids!

My crazy Lifetime movie NEXT DOOR NIGHTMARE is now streaming pretty much everywhere, but you can get it cheap and fast at Amazon Prime, where you can download your very own copy to own forever at the insanely low price of just four bucks and some change!  Can’t beat that with a stick!  You’ll love this one.  It’s your basic Family Friendly Winter Wonderland Love Story Psycho Slasher Killer Granny Kidnap Thriller and I bet even your mom will love it!  It is, after all, from the fun folks who brought you PROJECT RUNWAY.

CLICK HERE or on the swell POSTER BELOW to get your copy!  Ain’t that poster sweet?  It’s the best one yet done for one of my films and we all love it.  Nothing like a creepy snowy baby carriage in the dead of night to rock your world, yes?  Enjoy the mayhem!

See my name down there?  Neat, huh?