Romano’s YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE ME becomes A DEADLY MISTAKE on Lifetime Movie Network!

Okay, kids! I got another fun-filled Lifetime extravaganza on the way and this one is a squirmy, soapy scandal story about a girl who gets panic attacks and the man who loves her, only he’s really trying to kill her, and someone else is trying to kill both of them and guess what? PEOPLE TOTALLY DIE! And they changed the title too!

I made this poster, by the way, because back when we made the movie, it was called YOU’LL NEVER LEAVE ME. That’s all changed, of course. (See below.) But whatever the name, it airs on LMN (Lifetime Movie Network) sometime in early-to-mid-2023. I’ll let you know when it gets more real. Maybe. If you ask real nice.

Here’s the OFFICIAL poster, which I did not design, and which features the revised title, A DEADLY MISTAKE.

Cool, huh? (Even though you can’t even read our names down there in the credits.)

Here’s a few trivia bits about the film that may mildly amuse you:

  • The ‘Danny Boyle’ who directed this is not the one who did TRAINSPOTTING.
  • I named the boyfriend after Jimmy Conway, Robert DeNiro’s character in GOODFELLAS.
  • The mom is named after Stella Star from my favorite film STARCRASH.
  • The lawyer is named after Tom Atkins’ character in HALLOWEEN III.
  • The ‘Christie Leverette’ looking all serious over her shoulder went under the stage name ‘Christie Pistol’ in the film we made just before this one. She had literally one scene in the other film as an office assistant. In this, she’s upgraded to the straight-up LEADING LADY in damn-near EVERY scene. Miracles DO happen in Hollywood. Or… umm, Atlanta, where they made this. (She’s great, too!)
  • The film started out as a story about a girl with agoraphobia, but the money people thought that was too depressing. Now she just gets upset once in a while. Umm…
  • Hey, you can’t win ’em all, I guess.

BUT FEEL FREE TO TUNE IN ANYWAY. It’s totally a movie and I totally wrote it and it’s totally on TV. It’s also the first film I’ve ever done with not one but THREE leading ladies of color, which is pretty neat, too. I am grateful for the stars that aligned and the filmmakers and actors who struggled every day to keep this project from exploding on the launch pad. And I’m DAMN grateful for my job, which is to write down goofy stuff for people to act out. I mean, how cool is that? PULL THE STRING!!!!

Some sneak previews:

The lovely Miss Leverette as April Cook, formerly Miss Pistol.

Shenanigans abound when April’s boyfriend goes into a coma, and his wife doesn’t like it.

People get killed . . .

And a psycho comes to call . . .


From the people who brought you SHOCK FESTIVAL, SCANNERS and PROJECT RUNWAY–


(You can tell I’m a little tired, huh?)

Oh, and if you REALLY CAN’T WAIT to see this film . . . the producers at Reel One have kindly deposited this fun sort of mini-version at You Tube for all to see. It’s like a trailer that gives away everything. So if you like lots of SPOILERS… check it out!