Stephen Romano Teams Up With Exploitation Video Legend Charles Band for BLOOD OF 1,000 VIRGINS and MORE!


Yep, you read that right.

I actually did a movie poster for CHARLES BAND, king of the Bs and Master of Puppets.

Check it OUT:


When you say Charlie’s name out loud, most normal people today (read: kids) kinda scratch their heads.  But then you mention the PUPPETMASTER films and they crack a smile and say something hip and ironic.  But Band has done much, much more than just film murderous dolls on the loose.   He is, in fact, the father of the video age, having founded the first-ever commercial home cassette company (yeah, you used to watch movies on these weird plastic tape cartridge thingies called BETAMAX in the 70s, baby), and Charlie is also the producer of almost 300 feature films in the “psychotronic” vein, including some really awesome stuff from the 80s like TRANCERS, GHOULIES, RE-ANIMATOR and FROM BEYOND.

I, myself, grew up with the films of Charles Band.  He’s basically the Roger Corman of Generation X.   In the mid-1980s, his Wizard Video label was responsible for a little something called THE BEST OF SEX AND VIOLENCE, one of the first made-for-video feature films, which was a collection of exploitation movie trailers, hosted by JOHN CARRADINE.  (“Our next sexual segment features girls, girls, girrrrrls!”  CUT AND PRINT!)  This film became a mainstay at the Romano household when I was 13, and  I still own that awesome Wizard Video VHS copy its original box.

Check it out:


Yeah, I’m kinda hopeless, folks.

BLOOD OF 1,000 VIRGINS is a post modern revamp of the same idea, with themed trailers introduced by an appropriate host (in this case a Playboy Centerfold, HELL YEAH!)  and it’s an honor to be a part of the sleazebag fun.  I was asked to do a “greatest hits” thing with the art, but hopefully I put a cooler spin on the idea.   Here’s another version, all tricked out like a real poster from 42nd Street:


I’ve also recently completed an incredibly badass poster for Charles Band’s NAZITHON, a collection of SS-Xploitation previews which comes out in June.   (You won’t believe believe who the host of THAT ONE is going to be!)  Never one to let a good idea hang in the breeze un-exploited, Charlie is planning a slew of others titles in the series, such as BADASS MOTHER****ERS, which is, of course, a blaxploitation thing . . .  and you’ll see these weird clip movies exclusively on his Grindhouseflix site, which is a rather innovative  Netflix type thing where all the movies are really, really raunchy–and, more importantly, true and authentic artifacts from the 1970s and 1980s ages of exploitation and video shlock.  Check it out.  It’s just five bucks a month and there’s some classic shit over there.  You can watch SLAVEGIRLS FROM BEYOND INFINITY or CANNIBAL WOMEN IN THE AVOCADO JUNGLE OF DEATH right on yer iPhone, you smarmy l’il techno brats, you!

We truly live in modern times, my friends.