Stephen Romano’s RESURRECTION EXPRESS explodes in 2012 from Simon and Schuster!

Gallery Books at Simon and Schuster have announced that my new high octane thriller novel RESURRECTION EXPRESS will bow in mid-September of 2012 in hardback. I’m really thrilled to be at Gallery Books because they do Stephen King now, and the imprint has a great pedigree. They were Pocket Books before they became Gallery, and they’ve got a lot of my heroes, like Don Winslow and James O’ Barr. Simon and Schuster was a great place to go after getting my feet wet at Little Brown, where I did BLACK LIGHT. But that book was a collaboration, and supernatural horror action stuff. This new one is a little more serious, a little less comic book. It has the same awesome narrative drive, but I’ve taken it to whole new level—and, of course, this one is all mine. I’m telling my own story here, which is a story I’ve had bouncing around in my head and in drawers for almost twenty years. It’s about a a real badass super-thief who can get into the worst places on earth, and the amazing adventure he gets involved in, dealing with some very bad people. I’m really happy with how it’s come out, and what my editor at Gallery has done with this one. It’s great stuff. Ultraviolent and super dark, with a lot of action, and a lot of things blowing up, as usual. It should make a great movie later on. I’ve been referring to it as MISSION;IMPOSSIBLE meets THE GETAWAY meets THE BOURNE IDENTITY directed by Quentin Tarantino.

Inkwell Management, the prestigious New York literary firm that now represents me exclusively since BLACK LIGHT, released the following press release about the upcoming novel, along with an intriguing piece of mock cover artwork I actually created myself to sell the project in foreign territories. The final cover from Gallery Book has not yet been unveiled. Until then, enjoy!

Elroy Coffin. A super-modern high-tech thief with deadly hands. He’s been trained from his youth to be the best there is at what he does, but even the best can fall. Sold up the river by a depraved Texas mob boss, Coffin has spent the past two years incarcerated in a maximum security hellhole, driven to near-madness by the death of his beloved wife. But when a mysterious “private citizen” arrives at the prison one morning with evidence that she’s still alive and offers him the chance to find her in return for cracking the most deadly security system ever designed, Coffin is drawn into a breakneck maelstrom of action, betrayal and intrigue that will put him in the center of an armed assault robbery that quickly turns into a rapid-fire escape through the underworld. At the end of the chase, Coffin is determined that he will be reunited with his long-lost love, but he soon finds that the men who hired him are running the deadliest game of all time—a game that will spell the death of billions and rain fire from the sky, altering the very course of human history.

Non-stop thrills, white-knuckle suspense and a compelling central character combine with a tough visceral style that builds through a series of startling twists, finally exploding in an epic climax that you will never forget. With the gripping on-the-run momentum of The Bourne Identity rushing to meet the anything-goes high-concept action of Mission: Impossible, here is a jaw-dropping cinematic rollercoaster ride that will grab you from the first word and thrill you until the very last page is turned.

Author Stephen Romano is an acclaimed screenwriter and novelist. His many projects include the Emmy-Award-Winning Showtime series MASTERS OF HORROR and the supernatural suspense novel BLACK LIGHT from Muholland/Little Brown, written in collaboration with top Hollywood screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, creators of the SAW sequels.