Stephen Romano’s THE RIOT ACT returns to print!




Well, Christmas is almost here, kids!  And, just in time, here’s a sneak peek at the awesome cover art and design I’ve just completed to celebrate the new Eibon Press edition of THE RIOT ACT.  For those not in the know, this was my first-ever book-length short story collection, originally released in 2006, to rave reviews from some of the heaviest hitters in the horror world, such as JOHN SKIPP, TOM PICCIRILLI, KEALAN PATRICK BURKE, BRIAN KEENE and JOE R. LANSDALE, who wrote the introduction.  Obviously.  (You can read some of those splendid reviews in my TESTIMONIALS section.)  The original edition is out of print and fetches HUGE amounts of money at Amazon, as you can see here:


So it’s finally time for a new release, kids.  And not only will it be tons less expensive, but it looks terrific.  Of course I painted the cover image of Kid Daffy myself this time, from one of the the most batshit centerpiece stories the collection, WABBIT SEASON.  This new edition also features a revised and expanded “director’s cut” of the book-length novella RATBOY AND DOGBREATH, which many fans have been screaming at me to get back in print.  So, here already!   This 10th Anniversary Total Awesomeness edition edition of THE RIOT ACT will be sneaking back onto the Amazon bookshelf just in time for Santa Day, so keep it here for future updates!  It’s one of my favorite books and I’m real happy about the new release!!! We’ll even have a Kindle edition this time, so you can rack it up on your phone and be the coolest kid at school!!!! OH BOY!!!!!!

Stop laughing.  You’ll hurt yourself.