The Manson Family theatrical release gets new poster from Stephen Romano


The fine folks at Severin Releasing just unveiled my brand new one-sheet which I illustrated and designed every lick of type and ad copy for, down to the last copyright notice.  Jim Vanbebber’s film is a bonafide underground horror/true crime classic and I’m once again proud to be a part of cinema history, as this an actual poster that will hang in the lobbies of movie theaters.  As some of you know, I designed a similarly themed one sheet for William Lustig’s MANIAC when it went back on the road a few years ago.   We’re going for a sort of late seventies/early eighties retro vibe with this one.  If you dig this, be sure to check out my posters for GRINDHOUSE RELEASING, such as GONE WITH THE POPE and AN AMERICAN HIPPIE IN ISRAEL.