TRAILER TRAUMA 3 to be released December 22, with cover art and commentary by Romano!


So I spent the summer writing books, movies, ghostwriting stuff, and starting a publishing company.  Um. And somewhere in there I had the time to do THIS:


What is it?????

It’s a ONE HALF of my awesome original wraparound art for the upcoming trailer collection TRAILER TRAUMA 3. (And yeah, that’s me in there getting slimed.) The other half you can see on the BACK of the disc, as this was a really ambitious “widescreen” poster painting that starches across the WHOLE DISC INSERT.  Why so ambitious? Well, this is a massively ambitious new addition to the TRAILER TRAUMA canon, unlike any other collection yet produced.  These things keep getting more and more amazing, and I give you my promise: THIS ONE WILL BLOW YOUR FUCKING MIND! In addition to the art, I’ve also recorded a feature length audio commentary for the collection, my first since STARCRASH in 2010.  I worked very hard on that commentary, recording no less than 14 complete takes over 2 weeks before I was happy, and I feel it’s the best, most entertaining one I’ve yet done.  Because it’s a feature length commentary and because we’re talking about a trailer compilation, I have lots to say about more than 60 CLASSIC HORROR MOVIES OF 1986 and 1987, from ALIENS to PRINCE OF DARKNESS.  And that’s only a FRACTION of the awesomeness in store on this damn thing.  There are MANY OTHER feature length commentaries on the disc along with mine because guess what?  EVERY SINGLE YEAR OF THE 1980s IS COVERED IN DEPTH!!!  It’s just a jaw-dropingly epic trailer collection, and it deals with some of the most important horror films ever made in the most important decade for horror.  I’m proud as hell to be involved!

And here’s the full wrap, too.  ROCK!!!




You can pre-order this incredible LIMITED EDITION right HERE. GET IT NOW!!!