TRAILER TRAUMA and TRAILER TRAUMA 2 kick all the ass, with art by Romano!


Check it out kids!

My latest contribution to the ongoing “21st Century Grindhouse” is an ambitious series of cover art wraparounds that champion THE most insane and ambitious trailer collections yet put on Blu-ray.  As many of you know, I’m no stranger to pyschotronic trailers.  I’ve done art and special features for the 42ND STREET FOREVER series, and I’ve even done my own collections, under the SHOCK FESTIVAL brand.   But what’s happening here is beyond anything previously attempted. When I clocked in for the first TRAILER TRAUMA, it was no joke: truly the most diverse and extensive collection of rare and unusual grindhouse movie previews, all lovingly presented from original film archives.  (But don’t take my word for it.  Listen to what THEY are all saying at places like DVD TALK.)  And we haven’t stopped there. Oh no.  The fine folks at Garagehouse are offering almost a HUNDRED trailers in the second volume, and it’s all super-awesome drive-in monster stuff!  You know, the best things in life!  Click on the image below for an expanded look at what’s in store!


And if you think THIS is cool, just wait until you see TRAILER TRAUMA 3, kids.  That one is fucking insanity and will blow your eyes right out of your mind.  I promise.  All together, this trilogy of terror will go down in history as the most comprehensive retrospective of coming attractions in the history of genre film.  Click HERE to get PART 1 and pre-order PART 2.  This series gets my highest endorsement. Each disc is something you absolutely need to have.  Like, RIGHT NOW.  And they’re super limited editions, so you’d better move fast.

These collections are brought to you by the fine folks who restored and presented the awesome cult favorite NINJA BUSTERS, for which I also provided the cover art and poster design:


This is truly some of my best illustration work and I’m really proud of what these guys are doing.

Check it out one time won’t you?