Welcome To the Express!

Hey, people!

Stephen Romano here, welcoming you to the latest and best incarnation of my ‘web presence.”  This is a more-or-less all new site, with a theme sort of inspired by my new career directions, including the upcoming novel RESURRECTION EXPRESS, which bows in September from Simon and Schuster.   See those nifty ads up there?  That’s the book.  Click it, pre-order it, live the burn, baby . . . it’s only a few bucks at Amazon.  RESX is the new defining work of my career— a fast action/suspense extravaganza which puts a sort of renegade Mission: Impossible badass named Elroy Coffin in the middle of a gritty Quentin Tarantino scenario, where an on-the-street flight from multiple bad guys brings the hammer down from every imaginable direction, and the stakes have never been higher.  Oh, and also . . . trust NO ONE.   This one has twists you won’t see coming, badasses who will scare the shit out of ya, action you won’t be able to tear yourself away from, and (hopefully) a compelling central character you’ll want to to root for until the insane, bullet-riddled finale.  I’m real excited about this one, and hope you will be also.

Celebrating the arrival of RESX, I enlisted the aid of Black Rat Media to come up with an all-new website that would reflect the gritty world of Elroy Coffin, who will be running for years to come in future books (and movies) if  have my way.  The tone of these stories is underworld with a touch of high-tech.  Noir with a broken neon sparkle to it.  Grunge with a hidden smear of glamour.  Even a touch of cyberpunk, if that ain’t too dated for some of you.  It’s all very relentless and violent, too . . . but the trick here (as it was in the book) is to keep the head-banging as a backbeat and a threat, not necessarily the main attraction.  (Early readers seem to think the story is appallingly ultraviolent, so I may not be the best judge of this, but hey . . . did anyone read SAVAGES?)

Black Rat Media pulled my rather disparate ideals into a pretty swell looking and comprehensive site, which is the truly the best I’ve ever had, both visually and navigation-wise.  They’re really easy to work with, too.  Total consummate pros.  They’re also affordable, even in a rush job situation, which was kinda what this was.  So I highly recommend them.  Mostly they do horror themed projects . . . but as you can see, the dark has many shades.

This new site will feature web exclusive short stories, essays and other written stuff not previously available and/or out of print.  I have at least one unpublished comic series I plan to serialize here in the future.  You can see old news items from the past, and get my BLOG here, too.  I promise it’ll all be as wicked and forked-tongued as always.  (I still say THE AVENGERS sucks!)  Also, look around for some of my artwork and various other hidden treasures.  It’s all here, and more.

So keep the faith, kids . . . I’ll be announcing more stuff as we go, including a new column, and details about the upcoming BLACK LIGHT film from producer Michael DeLuca.  Its gonna be a great year for scumbags like us.  All that, and the apocalypse in December!