Countdown to METRO: Remember The Kingdom



My new novel comes out in just over a month.  See how excited I am?  That’s Angus Scrimm of the PHANTASM films next to me, and he’s pretty excited too.  You can totally tell, can’t you?  We just can’t wait for METRO to drop, goddammit!

September 14, 2015.

(Don’t wait!! PRE-ORDER NOW, BITCHES!!!!)

To celebrate the arrival of METRO, I begin a series of postings and blogs this week entitled REMEMBER THE KINGDOM, which are all about the real house a lot of the action takes place in, and the real people who lived there.  (Angus Scrimm was a guest there, obviously, along with many other famous and infamous people!)  Today, you can read the first introductory installment, by clicking the IMAGES BELOW AND ABOVE:


It’s gonna be a wild ride, kids!

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METRO_by_ Stephen_Romano